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Why I Am So Frustrated

The reason for my frustration is that this is the season when Arsenal should have won something.

Chelsea and Manchester United are nowhere near as good as they have been in previous years. The league was there to be taken, even as late as this week, but we did not have the experience or composure to win the game when they mattered. And that is what bothers me so much. When it counted, Arsenal could only manage one win in their last four games. Four points out of twelve.

The title was there to be won. We just never took the opportunities that we were given.

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  • ben chepkonga April 19, 2010, 1:18 am

    For sure this was ours but blunders from goalkeeper(s) and defenders has costed us alot.In my view the manager could have played Manone instead of Fabianski because manone is bettter than Fabianski.Wenger should go to the Market because next season will be a so competitive.Man. city,Tottenham AND Aston villa are teams to watch.

  • charles April 19, 2010, 1:26 am

    Policy change MUST come in,the boss talks about displine i.e we couldnt keep the ball but thats not being sincere with us its high time he stops this crap of supporting / defending players that are not up to there game.players who are losers even before the ball is kicked or even started.Some are not worth putting on Arsenal Shirts (CAN SOMEONE PLEASE ADVICE AA TO REVIEW THE VIDEO OF INVISIBLE S COMPARE AND CONTRASTS WITH THE CURENT SQUAD AND DO AN OVERHAUL;AA KNOWS WHERE THE PROBLEM IS BUT DOESN’T WANT TO GIVE IN TO HIS FAILURE;COME ON DO THE NECESSARY OFFLOAD THE EXTRA LOAD THEN SPENT TO GET QUALITY AND LETS MOVE ON RESTORE OUR PRIDE AA.) Am afraid our killer instinct is gone;hunger for goals isnt there anymore;We have players who seem to there & got a place at Arsenal & felt too comfortable for my liking Diaby,Walcot,Silvestre(a waste),Goalkeepers except for Mannone,Bentner(Good at times but let Chamak come,B to warm the bench to get to see the killer instinct of a striker-fighter-a winner),Eduardo,Denilson. You can talk about spenting wisely but use money to get money.We cannt be saving or fearing to buy just coz palyers are expensive on the other hand they can be but they are worth??????? if you cannt sell put this guys on the bench even to the academy then get 2….3 pple like TV whom u can count on fighters/ winners even when not at there best. LETS STOP OVER RELYING ON CF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AND RV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Munyami Patrick April 19, 2010, 1:54 am

    Dear Arsene Wenger,
    I am really disappointed at the way we have ended this season. Am one in a million funs who have supported this team which such Zeal that i have to react to your idiolistic thinking that has cost us the title and our confidence in the TEAM. Look i my not be able to attend any football game at the Emirates, but i personally deep into my pockets and purchase seasonal Jersey in support of the team. How do you expect a fun who pays for a ticket to watch seasonal football feel? What on earth where you reserving VP for, Holland? For goodness seek you pay the man to help us win something and you keep him on the bench? FOR WHAAAT? it’s not rocket science that we needed these 3points knowing that Chelsea had lost the previous day, HOW do expect us the funs even when we know we might not win the title to react at such a lost opportunity? Where is our prestige, where is the motivation of the players, their display on the field shows it all that you a manager that gives them ice cream and Cone in the dressing room for them to play in such i don’t care manner. That’s not the Arsenal way. You have reduced us to a more than an Average team. Am not a gunner any more until you bring us a trophy on the table.

  • Aron Kilongi April 19, 2010, 2:22 am

    I blame the goalkeeper for this mess.

    I can’t believe the goalkeeper can let us into this mess. At the beginning of the game, one of the defender was furious agaist him for not catching a back pass header and therefore leading to a corner. This exactly the weakness the goalkeeper shown.

    To justify this, looking at wigan last two goals, the goalkeeper was not serious just looking the goals entering easily.

  • Anoti April 19, 2010, 2:29 am

    i wonder what wenger is telling those boy that make them play like fools at time and mostly matches that are vital.am so fed up the mockery is too much here in africa.

  • Aussie Jack April 19, 2010, 2:56 am

    David…when a team at Arsenal`s level stuff`s up as many times as they do or gets out of jail in the dying seconds the mental balance of the squad is not right.Usually we are encouraged to applaud their mental strength and tenacity even if the game should have been wrapped up by half time. There`s a fair bit of positive hype and showmanship going on but I don`t believe there is the true comaradeship and desire that Wenger would have us believe.
    The players voice too many opinions in public, this to me shows that you are not the only one frustrated.

  • DENNO KAMPALA April 19, 2010, 5:44 am

    Please AW, I have no kind words for you but enough is enough. You either buy new EXPERIENCED players or fuck off.
    The same stupid ideas of developing players is sickening and not benefiting us in any way. If you realise most of these big teams keep on writing history and which is good but Arsenal is nolonger writing history courtesy of AW.
    I just don’t understand why he (AW) refused to buy in January yet he saw it coming and suggested that there was need for a striker and a midfielder but he (AW) played his stupid games of the Danish striker is coming back and we were humiliated at Nou Camp. Am not blaming any one apart from Arsene.
    Wenger we are tired of contingency players.

  • ify ejindu AFC 4 LIFE April 19, 2010, 5:28 pm

    yesterdday i was fumin i still am. wen we started tht second half i knew we were in 4 trouble. diaby was lazy, nasri was just having a cup of coffee on the wing, eastmond and campbell were the only ones pushing. i hve no problem if we lose fighting but with the fashion we lost in i was frankly embarrased. ive always sed it wen players ARENT FIGHTIN 4 STARTING PLACE THERE WILL NOT B HUNGER. THESE PLAYERS R BEING SPOON FED. if we can get in tht bit of quality meaning experience players then combining it with our youth afc will go far. wenger’s stubborn attitude is messing this club up. why on earth are u so stingy mr wenger. wenger says we hve money in the bank lets just c how much he uses. i want nothin less than 4 new players in tht arsenal team experienced ones. and 3 god’s sake mr wenger stop protecting players tht are playing badly fabianski is awful. almunia has cost us games. 2 move 4ward we need to get rid of dead weight. denilson silvestre fabianski nd eduardo. u need to b ruthless this summer wenger. we the FANS R GETTING IMPATIENT

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