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Wenger Post Match Reaction: ‘There wasn’t enough petrol left in the tank’

Here are some of Arsene Wenger’s comments after today’s disappointing defeat at home to Wigan:

on the performance…
We made it difficult for ourselves because we had quite a good start but we defended horrendously for the first and second goals. Everybody involved was included for the first and the second goals. On top of that we conceded a second goal with 10 men on the pitch.

It took us too much time to change and it was absolutely unbelievable. We conceded the first when Arteta was out and we could not put the player on because he is not ready. That penalised us for the second goal and after that we had a mountain to climb.

I felt in the first half we had enough chances to come back to 2-2, but the second half we dropped our level, lost our team play, our cohesion and tried too much individually. There was not enough petrol left in the tank anymore. We didn’t see anyone who could make a difference. They defended well. We had a tremendous amount of possession but didn’t create a lot in the second half.

on the Arteta substitution…
It is the fact that when a player is injured, if he stays on the pitch you have time to bring [a replacement] on. It was a misunderstanding because he walked off and Ramsey was not ready. The players think they will not come on in the first half, so they are not ready. Basically we played with 10 men, which should not be the case when a player is injured. Arteta had to come off but if he sits down on the pitch he can come off as well.

on Arteta’s injury…
It is an ankle problem. It looks quite a serious one. We have to scan it tomorrow, it is too early to say tonight. But it doesn’t look a little ankle sprain. It is a serious one.

on the second-half display…
We have given a lot over the past two or three months and we were not sharp. Is it mental or physical? It is hard to know why. I felt in the first half we had quite a good response to being 2-0 down, but in the second half there was not a lot to come. We finished with Walcott, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Rosicky,Gervinho and Van Persie offensively and we didn’t create a lot.

on the strength of the Premier League…
Everyone is in the same situation. You could see with Tottenham against Norwich, Manchester United at Wigan, us against Wigan. You have to realise that every game is a decisive moment for everybody. You have to be prepared not to be 1-0 down, to be 2-0 down, not like that. When you see the goals we conceded recently, we did not concede these kinds of mistakes.

on the Chelsea game…
It is a massive and vital game for us. We need to recover from the massive disappointment of tonight first, then prepare mentally for the next one.

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  • Aussie Jack April 17, 2012, 1:29 am

    The moment Arteta left the field I got that sinking feeling and it didn`t leave me for the entire game. Watching Ramsey was like watching Denilson and, would the person who makes up the `deadwood` list please include Walcott?
    M.O.T.M. for me was Moses who would look great in an Arsenal shirt. For Arsenal Rosicky ran himself ragged.
    One last comment. Composure should start on the touch line Mr. Wenger.
    Well done Wigan.

  • Steve of Chiang Mai April 17, 2012, 2:36 am

    @ Aussie Jack I agree, but given Wenger’s passion and the lop-sided refereeing it’s understandable. Walcott was fouled in ways that Wigan were given all night but got nothing, and we had players booked for a trip and one of their players went straight through Santos from behind after the ball is gone and again nothing.

    These guys have to be schooled to be so clever in their bias. Not enough to be truly wicked just enough to stop momentum being built.

    Case in point – the Wigan fullback moving 20m up the touch line for a throw in – hard to defend a player allowed to run up field with the ball in his hands while not in the field of play. It allowed him to clear the midfield with what became effectively a 40m throw in.

    • Aussie Jack April 17, 2012, 2:47 am

      Understandable my friend but not acceptable.

  • bamidele April 17, 2012, 8:29 am

    I really dont know what mr wenger saw in ramsey that he keeps fielding him in matches that arsenal needed to win and ended up looseing ramsey has never been consistent in his play that was why when arteta had injury we have no body to replace him so to me arsenal played 10 against 11 because ramsey is short 1 for arsenal.well done wigan!!!

  • chris from Cambridge April 17, 2012, 9:26 am

    Forget the ‘ physical and mental exhaustion.’ We lost because WIGAN played well and we did not know what to do tactically. That was because Wenger did not know what to do tactically. He always plays the same game and every team knows how to plan for us.

    Then there is the normal question mark over how he rates players and uses subs. It does not long to KNOW if Walcot will have a good match or do nothing for the whole 90 (95) minutes. Then as Wenger gets more and more worried he throws on every attacking player possible and we lose all shape and organisation. We are ALWAYS vulnerable to the fast break away. It is not rocket science. Martinez out managed Wenger.

    Did you watch Manu Petit on Sunday morning ? Yes he would maybe like to go back to work at Arsenal but he has other commitments at present. PLUS …. he has known Arsene since a long time and he would never accept another to cast a shadow near him !! Adams has said similar. Keown was brought in one time to coach the defence but left again. Wenger persuaded Pat Rice to stay on and not retire. Why ? because he wants YES MEN.

  • chuks April 17, 2012, 11:15 am

    ”there was no enough petrol left in the tank”. (By AW).Y wud there b enough petrol wen u dont hav petrol in ur reservoir.I will 4eva blieve u ar a good coach AW,but the problem i hav always had wit u is dat u dont spend in order 2 hav quality reserves or back up in d team.Dat’s d reason we keep havin dis NEMESIS @ Arsenal fc.keep spendin wisely.

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