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That Gervinho Miss

It was the perfect opportunity to score. Arsenal were trailing 1-0 last night to Bradford with half-time approaching when Kieran Gibbs slid the ball perfectly across the six yard box. Gervinho was unmarked inside the six yard box all alone with an open goal in front of him.

But instead of tapping the cross home with his right foot, Gervinho tried to use his left and somehow managed to screw his shot wide of the goal. A horrendous miss. And who knows how the game would have ended up if Gervinho had not missed this sitter:

bcpen by dm_50b679010ce88

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  • Victor December 12, 2012, 3:10 pm

    I have already made comments about Gervinho, i am not a coach and have never played professional football but i will never field a guy who runs like a headless chicken, he is no striker, i here Arsene fielded 5 strikers, which ones? Gervino and Chamach who fail to score goals,come on Arsene ur agreat coach what happened, u used to spot great talent, but in recent yrs ur scouting for the opposition to strengthen their teams at the expense of Arsenal, unless Arsene spend money on quality players , 2 strikers, Creative midfielder, Defensive Midfielder, left , centre and right backs ( Sagna may get injured ), a worldclass goalkeeper and rebuild the team. I feel sorry for a few good players you have, the rest give them away free ( Gervinho, Chamach, Squick, Fabianski,Diaby wants to play with broken legs unfortunately )- Arsenal is dead as it stands and needs to be rescusitated asap.

  • Ugo ugorji December 12, 2012, 3:29 pm

    Key problem with us at the moment is that we cant seam get it right in our head add that to the fact that we have the worst offensive line up in the premiership without having the best defense then u will understand how to shape your expectations

  • zamile august December 12, 2012, 4:09 pm

    Its time for Gervinho to pack and go. He must leave Arsenal or he must permanently be benched. Give Theo what he demands for wages please otherwise he is leaving. We lost a great player in Cesc. We must buy good players now. We are short in the back; goalkeeper; striker.

  • Kingsley December 12, 2012, 8:29 pm

    How many times will gervinho miss great scoring opportunities before wenger realises that he is not the kind of player we need in arsenal?. Wenger is just stubborn over this rebuilding issue. Why wont the likes of Fabregas,Van persie,Song,Nasir and Clichy leave us with this kind of unserious players around them?

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