Podolski Passes Arsenal Medical

I tweeted about this yesterday, and the Daily Star is reporting now that Lucas Podolski completed an Arsenal medcial yesterday in Germany, the final step in completing his £10.9m move to Arsenal this summer.

I find it strange that Cologne would allow one of their players to undergo a physical for another club during the season. Could you imagine the uproar if it came out that Fabregas had underwent a physical for Barcelona last March, with three months left in the season?

The good news about signing Podolski, is that appears that Arsene Wenger wants to gets his signings completed early in the summer, and possibly before the Euro’s. Signing players early sends a clear message to Walcott and RVP about the clubs ambition and it also gives the new players time to get adjusted to playing with their Arsenal teammates before the season begins.


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