That Was An Embarrassment

by David on March 22, 2014

That was worse than the 8-2 defeat at Old Trafford, It was even worse than the thumpings at City and Liverpool earlier this season. This was a top of the table battle, at a crucial part of the season. And Arsene Wenger and Arsenal got it all wrong. Even before the red card horror story, Arsenal were ripped apart as the midfield as Wenger set his side up wrong. Chelsea at home, had two defensive midfield players, yet Wenger left Flamini on the bench, went with one holding midfielder and watched Chelsea blow open the game in the opening 10 minutes.

It was an embarrassing performance by Chelsea and afterwards Wenger told the BBC:

“This defeat is my fault, I take full responsibility for it.

“I don’t think there’s too much need to talk about the mistakes we made. We got a good hiding today.

“It’s one of the worst days (in my career). It’s over after 20 minutes and it’s a long game after that. You don’t prepare all week to experience that kind of experience.”

Chelsea were already 2-0 up when Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain handled an Eden Hazard shot and Marriner instead showed the red card to Gibbs, despite his team-mate apparently approaching the referee to admit wrongdoing.

“I believe it was handball but the referee hasn’t seen it,” Wenger added.

“The ball went out and I think it’s Chamberlain who touched the ball.

“I don’t know who gave indication to the referee that it was handball but he has certainly not seen it.”

Wenger admits Arsenal’s chances of winning the Premier League are bleak as his focus immediately turned to Tuesday’s match with Swansea.

“It leaves it (the title chances) in a very bad situation,” he said.

“But we want to respond. We had two difficult away games as Tottenham and Chelsea.

“If we had played two draws we’d have two points. Having won one we have three points.

“But today is a huge disappointment, of course. When you don’t turn up in a game of this stature – nobody takes that easy.”

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Aussie Jack March 22, 2014 at 9:57 pm

Wenger has a reputation for making stars not buying them, how true this is I don`t know but his record in the market place has not impressed me over the years. Rennes, Asharvin, Giroud and Ozil plus a whole string of `also rans`make me think he has a Pettycoat Lane mentality ,and at times he lets lucky, but don`t let him go shopping up town.
I look foward to the day when we see the likes of Henry and co. are on the coaching staff.


Mahmoud Kamara March 24, 2014 at 9:06 am

I am presently frustrated with the weekend defeat in the hand of Chelsea but this can be attributed to the poor formation of the team by the technical team and the coach, the recalcitrant habit of wenger to buy quality players during any transfer windows. We (Arsenal) were humiliated in the hands of Chelsea because of lake of again sober quality striker because the so- called Giround is always minus one in a pitch for every game that the team will have this so-called striker is the worst in the entire competition. My advice to the team top management is that for us to win that F.A Cup competition we need to start planning now by using our return leg Champions league second half line up with Bayarn. in the on going Champions league.
Note: Arsenal is the only team in England that play presently without a striker so how do you expect a wining when you can play sometimes very well in the pitch but poor finishing because of lack of a striker. Again the top management should sit back and think how do they feel wasting the club/team`s money on crap players like Kalstrom whose loan to the team is of no use has only brought bad business deal to the team. Let me hold my piece here! I only know how I feel.


TAJ AZIZ March 24, 2014 at 3:02 pm

Something is wrong somewhere evidently the manager should answer for all the thrashings we fans are subjected to the manager we have is the most sturban I have ever come acsoss he new axactly where the team lack but decided not to do anything about it instead went and loan a longtime dead wood who kept giggling through out the thrashing you arsen dont deserve but keep keeping the money it will come handy someday


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