Arsenal reserves lose 10-1 at Aston Villa

by David on January 11, 2011

Had to mention it as I thought it was a typo. Either Arsenal won 10-1 or they lost 1-0. But no, it is true. The Gunners reserves lost 10-1 to Aston Villa reserves last night.

Arsenal reserves team coach Neil Banfield called it “a major embarrassment”. I cannot remember the last time I heard of any Arsenal team losing 10-1. Even the kids.

Yes Arsenal played 80+ minutes with 10 men and they were without regular centre halves Ignasi Miquel and Sead Hajrovic. But still. They had Jay Emmanuel-Thomas, who ended up playing center-half in the second half as Arsenal tried to keep the score respectable.

Banfield was interviewed after the game as this is what he said:

On a disappointing night…
I don’t know where to start. It’s 10-1, what can you say? It’s a major embarrassment but we’ve got to get up and get on with it. No-one likes to get beaten 10-1. There’s not really much you can say, I think 10-1 says it all.

On what he said to his players after the game…
I don’t think there’s any need for raised voices. You expect better standards and you don’t expect an Arsenal team, at any level, to get beat 10-1. We can organise and we can work with them but we’re all a team and we’ve all got to take it on the chin, take the criticism and get on with it.

On whether the early sending off changed the game…
I think it did a little bit. We made a few early mistakes. You come to Villa and you’ve got to be on your mettle at the best of times. We’ve made some dreadful mistakes, they’ve capitalised and punished us. What was really disappointing was that it was a lack of character and that’s what I’m really disappointed about. It’s the character when you’re losing. We’ve allowed ten goals to be scored against us in a game which should never happen.

On a bad day…
It’s just an extremely bad day but it’s football and we will pick ourselves up. No team at Arsenal should get beaten 10-1. We’ve all got to take the blame, me as well, the staff and the team and we get on with it.

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osi kadiri January 11, 2011 at 1:40 pm

banfield must give a reason why he shud not be axed. Thats an embarrassment to the name ARSENAL.


Felicoobe January 12, 2011 at 1:00 am

Hmm is just one of those moment of football ,i trust boys ,they wil over come these.up gooners 4 life.


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